Total Celebrity Show


The Total Celebrity Show, hosted by Neil Haley, is another facet of the talented Neil Haley, President of Total Tutor, based in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Total Tutor, Neil Haley, interviews celebrities from varied and interesting fields- actors, writers, professional athletes, media stars, and more. His guests discuss their books, careers, foundations, brands, and share secrets behind their motivation, dreams, and success.

Neil entertains and interviews renowned guests from Pittsburgh as well as internationally recognized stars. Some of his guests have included: The One and Only Terrell Owens, Legendary Pitt Coach Jackie Sherrill, GLEE Stars Brooke Sorenson and JJ Totah, All Pro Dallas Cowboy Doug Cosbie, Pippin Musical Star Sasha Allen, Steelers Chad Brown, World Series Champion Barry Lyons, Former Lions Star Scott Mitchell, Former Pitt Star Rod Rutherford, Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend, Brittny Gastineau, #89 Steeler Ernie Mills, and more.